In trying to get a lot of things done, we are often faced with the reality of the limitations set by time. Is there a way out of this? According to Benjamin J Harvey – Difference Maker Mentor from Authentic Education, YES –  there is! By knowing the art of Time Warp: How To Get More Things Done.
Time Warp
Ben shows you  how you can actively play your role in warping time, whether slowing it down or speeding it up, so that you can fit more in an hour than what generally may have been taking hours in the past. The key lies in understanding our energy levels and our circadian rythms.

Ben says, most people believe when you have high energy you must do stuff you love. And when you have low energy you should do tasks you don’t really like. However, the problem with that is doing the task you least like when in low energy causes you to have a higher level of resistance and the task will take a longer time to finish!Whenever you have low energy, schedule in stuff that you love! Doing this would in fact raise your energy because energy is infinite when you recognize the source!
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What tricks and methods do you use to create more time?  Leave your comment below.

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