About this workshop

When we are stressed, our mind becomes foggy and it’s difficult to see a way forward.

Research has shown that those who are most resilient are:

  • Adaptable
  • Connected to support networks
  • Comfortable with seeking support.
Think of this as a little booster for your emotional immunity for the challenges we currently face.

Discover the exact tools Barbara has used to drive her business and family forward in a mentally and emotionally safe way.

In this challenge, Barbara shares simple yet highly effective tools for getting through challenging times

In just 3 days you will come away with a stronger, more resilient frame of mind:

  • Learn how to utilise everyday actions more effectively to immediately create calm.
  • Use a simple language tool, to trick your brain to act and think differently
  • Discover tools used by those in history to withstand traumatic environments.
  • Understand the science behind simple tools to make them work more effectively.

As a result of this challenge you will:

  • Be able to rethink moments of stress or anxiety
  • Be inspired by the stories of those in history
  • Connect and share with others focused on becoming more resilient
  • Open your mind to being more receptive to small miracles