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What’s it all about?

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of resilience and its five key components which strengthen people’s ability to bounce back in the face of adversity in the workplace and at home.

Participants learn how to recognise their own levels of resilience and emotional intelligence. They explore a range of skills that can be developed to increase resilience levels and how these skills can be used to guide behaviour and thinking to keep them emotionally strong and performing well at work.

In this session we will explore:

  • What is resilience?
  • How do we become more resilient?
  • Resiliency assets: – Relationships – Emotional Intelligence – Competence – Optimism – Coping Skills
  • Strategies for bouncing back from adversity

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Barbara Clifford

Barbara Clifford (The Time Tamer) assists busy, stressed professional people.  She is a time management strategist and certified Stress Management Practitioner. She is on a mission to become the no.1 resource to help people to unclutter the chaos and break free from the shackles of overwhelm so that they wake each day inspired and motivated to work in peak performance and to live on purpose. She is sought after like a beacon in a sea of chaos to provide professional development in the business environment.  She has spent over 20 years working in stressful, time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing while also juggling responsibilities of managing her family, business and career development. She is now able to enlighten other people how to take control, to simplify, to minimise stress and maximise time.  Her professional experience has included contracts with small business, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Aged Care, Universities, Health Services and Cruise Ships. She lives in Alice Springs with her husband and two children.