You probably  know this scenario well.  Are you like me? I sit down to work on a task.  I just need to get organised!  And suddenly I find a million other things that I need to do. Maybe its walking the dog in some lavish park in Brisbane, cooking a four course dinner, having a cup of the finest tea, or just wandering around in circles in desperation to avoid the task at hand.

Procrastination has found its way into many lives and it tends to weave a web of self-destructive tendencies that take away our chance to be productive. Procrastination might be there convincing you that you’re too tired, too busy, too stressed or in need of something else before you can complete a task. So now is the time to get procrastination under control and take back your will power to complete tasks without distraction.

  • Deadlines and goals

    will help you to complete a task on time. Give yourself a set time frame in which you want to get something done and have goals or milestones to mark out different stages of the self-imposed time frame so that you know when you are achieving goals.

  • Focus on smaller goals

    so that you’re not intimidated by a huge, daunting large task. Break your tasks into smaller time periods and focus on one thing at a time.

  • Change your environment

    if you feel like you are becoming stressed or anxious. Take your work with you to a new place, whether it’s a change of room in your house or office or going to a café. Even taking a small break and going for a walk to get a change of scenery can increase productivity.

  • Tell other people about your goals

    so that you are more determined to meet them. Make sure you are completing goals for your own benefit, but invite family and friends into the process of how you are going about achieving goals. Having support will encourage you to stay focused.

  • Focus on the end point

    and visualise the future you want to achieve. Think clearly about where you want to go and how this task is going to help you achieve that. Keep that image clear in your mind and allow it to inspire you to work hard.

  • Reward progress

    that you make along the way. Don’t be afraid of extrinsic motivation and if that chocolate bar or fun social event on the weekend is going to encourage you to work harder, let it be a way to avoid procrastination.

  • Re-clarify your goals

    to make sure you are staying on the right track. If you have been procrastinating for a while, you might have lost sight of what you were actually trying to achieve before the procrastination. Take another look at your long term goals and get back on track.

Ultimately, the most important and effective way to eliminate procrastination is to find the motivation to just sit down and get it done.

What tips do you have to avoid procrastination?  How do you stay on top and avoid distraction?

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Amleto conticello
Amleto conticello
7 years ago

Hi all great article but adding to the information
1. try not to think about work when not working
2. many times just do the work without talking to much about it
3. Be happy
4. delegate the work (ask for help)

I Have been in many positions where I have done the impossible by using these suggestions

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Great article.