You may delay, but time will not.

Managing your time is a hot topic and really it’s because effective time management is quite achievable but only through conscious effort.

Recently I got very ill for around 2 weeks.  I think it was my body telling me to slow down.  Ironically, as The Time Tamer I was fitting lots and lots into my time, but not actually scheduling any rest and recover time.   Time management doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself engaged all the time.

A typical day involves so many responsibilities like working, leisure, eating, shopping, communicating and relaxation. If you want to manage to complete all activities in a single day, then you need to consider the time required for every action. I’m a firm believer of a time and place for everything.  You may have to examine what is your instinct vs what is important. Are you a procrastinator, achiever or an overachiever and what causes you to procrastinate?  What are you passionate about or good that you will always over achieve in?

Ask yourself:

Am I a morning person or am I an evening person?  (Click HERE for a video on time mapping.) When are your peak times?

What is my motivation to accomplish my tasks?

Am I going to be journaling my tasks and schedules?

What amount of self-control do I have today to not message, chat and Facebook when I am working?


So what’s your personality type ? Are you kind of the person who will sacrifice much to achieve your targets? In all business you need to look at return on investment.  It’s not just about money you invest but time you invest.  Does it yield result? How much can you push your limits? (Be mindful not to push too far)


What’s your schedule? Is your schedule SMART. It’s important to have Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals. Only if your plan is S.M.A.R.T, it will be great for your project or company. What you need the most is a schedule that you cans stick with and which suits your business. I always tend to see extremes, someone that doesn’t have a diary or someone who has 3 or 4 (a calendar at work, a calendar at home, a diary, an electronic diary and a planner!)


Are you taking frequent breaks? This is probably my biggest mistake.  I don’t allow my brain or body time to relax.  Today I had a very stressful day.  It was only stressful because I had lots of little challenges one after the other, but it was a prolonged level of sustained stress that boiled and bubbled away.  I needed to leave one contract to head to another.  I didn’t want the stress of one environment impact upon the client I was about to see.    Rather than busting myself to work right up until the last minute to squeeze work in, I decided my deadline for tools down to give me enough unwind time.  Thankfully, I decided to spend just half an hour on some meditation (I chose Tai Chi out on the lawn.  I’m sure my colleagues found it amusing).  Even if you work in an office or work from home, ten minute power naps, a scented candle or listening to your favourite songs can be great ways to de-stress your overworked mind. Small things like exercise, may help you progress through the day. We often underestimate the power of an exercise and walking. Small things like this help you a lot in your work life.

Please remember in most organizations the things we schedule are the things we get done.