The Female Factor Menstrual Cycle

The Female Factor is about the four cycles that women have in a given period of time, which is generally about four weeks.  You may not realize that you go through Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn all in the space of a month’s cycle.  This cycle is really important to understand and acknowledge because it is paramount to how you live your life, when you make decisions and when you’re in that haze mode where you can’t really focus. It’s hard to make good decisions about your life, about your work and to gain good clarity when you’re in haze mode.

So you have, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn as part of your cycle.

Your Winter Cycle

Winter is your daze mode, it’s your reflective mode.  It’s when you’re menstruating. Even if you no longer have periods and you’re peri-menopausal, you’re still going through a cycle whether you know that or not. So it’s important to really grasp a concept of what’s happening for you.

Your Spring Cycle

In spring, it’s pre-ovulation, it’s action phase, it’s dynamic, it’s when you should really be getting out there and really working to move your life ahead. This is when you can set goals, achieve goals and put out for what your vision is for the month. This time in your cycle is about breaking old habits. It’s about positive focus and is a great decision making time.

Your Summer Cycle

Summer is expressive, you feel on top of the world, you can really achieve in summer. This is the week in your cycle that is a great time to move ahead.

Your Autumn Cycle

Autumn is pre-menstrual. It’s the emotional week, the week when you need to go easy on yourself, to be inward-focused.  This is a time of reflection, to slow down, to go gently, gently and to warn people that you are pre-menstrual. I’m sure in your household people know when you’re pre-menstrual. It can be when you have emotional outbreaks suddenly, you feel like you want to cry and you’re pissed off with people and the world and life.

Being aware of these cycles and how they affect your life can empower you. The reason you want to be acknowledging these cycles, is so that you can assist others to know where you are in your cycle, bringing harmony to your life.  You don’t have to question:

  • “Oh, why this week am I feeling psycho?
  • “Why am I not handling things this week?
  • “Why is this week so hard?” Or,
  • “Why am I feeling all hazy “and I can’t make any decisions?
  • “Why am I feeling fluffy, and hazy, and not quite with it, why am I not feeling with it?”

This is also a reason to acknowledging why you can’t be consistent and why you can’t you be consistent right now, right at this time?

Because as a woman, we’re emotional creatures but we are also driven by hormones. Our body cycle is designed for creating other human beings, being babies, so our hormones are like this throughout the month, it’s why we can’t be consistent like men.

There’s such a strong gender difference that women need to acknowledge which we so often don’t. Once you embrace and understand these cycles, you can really change your life, helping you to understand where you are in your month’s cycle, and to help others to understand you. This is all about knowledge. Knowledge leads to empowerment, and empowerment leads to you understanding more thoroughly, who you really are and what drives you.

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