Balancing Act: Time Tamer


The Time Tamer Programme is designed to support you to proactively make space in your busy life.

Through actively participating in my coaching you will:

  • have reviewed and refreshed how you organise and spend your time.
  • gained confidence and been empowered to make positive practical changes to free up time for you – how much and how you choose to spend that time is of course up to you!
  • have with a set of tools you can reuse in the future.

The Programme is centred on my 4-Step Time Tamer Framework  developed to support you, and other busy women, practically and in a straightforward way to:

  • Identify key priorities for how you spend your time;
  • Review how you are actually spending time;
  • Identify what you can do to simplify, streamline and realign your time;
  • Connect with your personal rhythm;
  • Design a personalised routine that works for you;
  • Create a personalised approach to weekly planning.

The coaching draws on: research from many disciplines; my experience as a Time Management Strategist where I supported Teams and Organisations to review and redesign how they organised and operated; and my personal experience of having to review and reorganise my time as I redesigned my life.

I have created this programme because:

  • living a well-balanced life requires us to actively manage our time and live in alignment with ourselves;
  • I wish there had been a straightforward guided programme like this to help me take back control of my time when I needed to make space to enhance my well-being and fulfilment;
  • when we are already busy and overwhelmed by to-do lists it can be a very daunting task to try to tame your time alone;
  • lack of time is one of the biggest barriers cited by women to nurture their well-being, investing in their fulfilment and to positively progressing their goals.

The Time Tamer programme of coaching is for you if you:

  • feel overwhelmed or frustrated by spinning too many plates, juggling too many commitments and firefighting your way through each week;
  • are seeking to create and live a well-balanced life;
  • aren’t progressing one or more goals because you are too busy, don’t have the time, or always put others first;
  • you want to take control of your time and make it work for you.

Each session will be held via Zoom.

The sessions will combine info and tips, practical exercises aligned to each step of the Time Tamer Framework; coaching; and action planning.

Each week you will be given a manageable task to complete between sessions to support further progress.