5 Ways for More Effective Communication & Less Stress

A lack of communication can increase stress and reduce efficiency and productivity. We can become frustrated that people are not understanding us or that conversations are not evolving the way they should. This makes all involved unproductive and this breakdown … Read more


Quieten That Busy Mind

Brain Noise & Multitasking I recently watched a performance of Queen performing live at Live Aid: Wembley London, 1985. Freddie Mercury had the audience in the palm of his hand. He had the attention of everyone in that audience. It … Read more


How Leadership Impacts Disengaged Employees

Companies that have leaders who are effective communicators improve productivity in disengaged employees, resulting in 47% higher total returns.   A study by Gallup highlighted that the majority of Australian employees feel disengaged in the workplace. Good leadership is often … Read more


7 Surprising Ways to Improve Productivity by @araesininthesun

Contribution from guest blogger, Rae Steinbach.


Improve concentration & memory with water

How to Improve Your Memory & Concentration with Water

A common desire between all my clients is to solve the issue of procrastination and how to get out of a slump.  Some of us wish there were a magic wand or even a magic pill we can take to … Read more


Opportunities for Insight

How to Create Opportunities for Insight

If you've ever watched an episode of the show "Undercover Boss", you'll know that some of the top CEO's have learnt incredibly valuable information, not from a person of senior position but from employees at a grass roots level.  For … Read more


Working from Home?> Why You Need to Outsource for Ultimate Productivity

Working from Home? Why You Need to Outsource for Ultimate Productivity

The growing trend in digital connectivity is allowing more and more of us to ditch the nine to five and work from the comfort of our own homes. Online business is also fast increasing, with 100,000 e-commerce retailers generating at least … Read more


12 Things to Consider Before Managing a Project

12 Things to Consider Before You Start Managing a Project

Who Has the Final Say? It’s imperative you understand and clear about who has sign-off on major elements of your project.  This key factor can definitely bring you unstuck when you’re in the thick of your project if you have … Read more


Transform Workplace Conflict into an opportunity

How to Transform Workplace Conflict into an Opportunity.

Not being equipped to resolve conflict can cause stress and anxiety.  Not only for yourself but for the people you lead or influence.  Continual conflict can impact on team morale.  You will find the workmanship, quality, processes, communication and productivity … Read more


Don’t Waste My Time with Your Bad Sales Call

Don't Waste My Time with Your Bad Sales Call I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently to demonstrate to you how important communication is for your productivity and -time management. (Watch the video at the bottom … Read more