A job worth doing, is worth doing lousy.

We've all heard that saying, “a job worth doing is worth doing well”. It was drummed into us as a child by our teachers and parents that if you're going to do something, then you may as well do a … Read more


Time Stress

“Stress is the negative whirlwind of emotions that gets imposed on top of our stimulation and engagement.” Andrew J. Bernstein I’m commencing the New Year with a conversation during the month of January looking at Albrecht’s Four Types of Stress. … Read more


Why Multi-Tasking is bad for you

Effective time management is so important in today’s hectic modern society. People are constantly on the go dealing with so many different priorities all the time. Particularly with the dominance of smart phone technology, it can be difficult to ever really … Read more


Mindfulness in Business

Buddhism encourages you to focus on your breathing or on a single principle of Buddhism to calm the monkey mind.   But then the annoying thoughts creep back in. You know what I'm talking about. Boring thoughts, really mundane mental memos. “Did I turn … Read more