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Secret Recipe for Your Authentic Self – Alice Springs

A workshop for any woman who wants to gift herself with growth, knowledge, skills and strategies that will enable her to feel in control and on path.

Online Webinar – Showcase your event using social media

If you’re using Facebook Events as an RSVP platform, you’re going about it wrong. Learn how you can use Facebook Events to effectively market your event.

Online Webinar- Social Media Groups – your secret marketing weapon

If you struggling to grow your database and reach a bigger audience, and Facebook advertising is overwhelming, Facebook groups are your next best friend.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, discover which one matches your business and what strategy you need to take to engage more people.

Facebook Groups – Your Secret Weapon for Marketing

If you struggling to grow your database and reach a bigger audience, and Facebook advertising is overwhelming, Facebook groups are your next best friend.

The Power of Influence – CDU Alice Springs

Personal influence is an essential leadership skill, and one that can even eclipse your title. If you are required to influence a diverse range of people and situations, this two-day course will prove invaluable. You’ll gain the skills and techniques needed to shape opinion and build credibility in the workplace, allowing you to guide people and situations, including those over whom you have no authority.

Assertive Techniques – Professional Development Training Alice Springs – CDU

Gain personal insight into the ways you respond to different people, situations and events. With a strong focus on communication and behaviour, you'll come away with tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses, express your views and communicate your plans.

Management Skills for New Supervisor – CDU Alice Springs

Learn how to build rapport and motivate your team while also being able to effectively monitor performance and respond to changing circumstances to achieve operational outcomes. Identify and overcome common challenges faced by new supervisors.

Dealing With Difficult Behaviour – CDU Alice Springs

Learn techniques and strategies to professionally and confidently deal with difficult people and situations. Whether this involves aggressive, abrupt or discourteous clients, employers or employees, you'll be armed with the essential tools to maintain composure in the face of difficulty.

Time Management With Outlook – CDU Alice Springs

This course gives you the tools, techniques and strategies to reduce time wasted in outlook clutter, maximise your effectiveness utilising advanced tools and control your workload, all within Outlook.

Performance Management – CDU Alice Springs

This course explores the end-to-end processes associated with the performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition, you will learn the skills you need to drive a performance culture and proactively address issues of diminished performance.

Marketing Your Message – Free One Day Course

Do you find marketing confusing? Stop wasting money and start getting a 500% return on your marketing (even if you're starting from scratch) at…