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Writing Effective Minutes

Writing Effective Minutes

Charles Darwin University, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management, has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver short courses designed and owned by the Australian Institute of Management.

Without effective minute writing, the group of you will waste valuable time recalling who was responsible for what and when.  

Team Conflict

Have you been in a situation where a group of you can't agree on decisions, conversations, responsibilities or dates?  Has your business suffered from important actions being forgotten?  Does your organisation hold a level of responsibility that needs to be well document?

Many people underestimate the value of truly effective minute writing and the impact this can have on the productivity of a business or organisation.

Or are you a business owner who is constantly being the "Go-to person"? Would you like to lead your team rather than managing them all the time?


Capture key decisions & vital actions from meetings.

You run the risk of reducing the quality of your product or standard of service by missing valuable actions or disorganisation. The amount of wasted time increases costs or inhibits the efficiency of service.  The long term impact can reduce clients or members, reduce profit margins and the professional integrity of your business or organisation.

Thursday, 7th March 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm

This course provides practical tools and techniques for ensuring that meeting minutes provide a record of decisions made by teams, workgroups and committees. This one-day course provides a thorough introduction to minute taking and the skills you need to write professional minutes.


If you take minutes as part of your role either in occasional team meetings or regular formal meetings.


You will capture decisions and actions from meetings will be captured accurately and succinctly leading to action, increased productivity and clarity.


  • Understand the function and role of minutes and the minute taker
  • Take clear and accurate minutes
  • Develop strategies to deal with jargon and technical language
  • Develop the skills of listening and summarising
  • Work effectively with the Chair


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E. shortcourses@cdu.edu.au

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