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Time Management with Outlook

Time Management With Outlook

Charles Darwin University,  has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver her short course on Time Management with Outlook.

When was the last time your clients, customers or employers said to you "Wow! You've thought everything! You're just so organised."

It can be incredibly stressful to live with the constant nagging feeling in your gut that you could be more productive?  That feeling that you know you could be better if you could just get organised. Or thinking "That was a disaster, I could have done better” when something important slips through your fingers.

What if you could never lose anything, never forget anything and gain back 2 hours in your day?

Most people spend up to 2 hours a day, sifting through email.

Do you find yourself losing important emails, files or documentation and how long do you spend looking for these things?

Not only is your personal reputation at risk, but the quality of your product or service. YOU are becoming an expensive asset by the amount of wasted time.

By controlling when and how you see certain emails, you become empowered to be that person who always seems to have things together and on time.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm


You will:

  • Discover the signs of Productivity around you

  • Learn what are some warning signs to look for?

  • Uncover where your productivity leaks are in your environment

  • Gain back approximately 2 hours in your working day.

  • Simplify and streamline how you process your emails to give you back a MASS of time

  • Automate and prioritisation emails to focus on important people or clients

  • Create a simple system to ensure you NEVER miss important emails.

Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Light Refreshments Provided.

A complimentary lunch is also provided.


Join us in the training rooms of the

Charles Darwin University - Alice Springs Campus
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs

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