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Performance Management

Charles Darwin University, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver short courses designed and owned by the Australian Institute of Management..

Performance Management can be a positive, proactive approach to people leadership that achieves the ideal outcomes for everyone. 

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The idea of 'performance management' for many people carries a degree of negativity as it suggests a management approach that might be needed at a time when the performance of a team or individual is failing to meet expectations.  As a leader, we feel let down, the team is suffering, results are questions and as managers, we're expected to fix the problem.   It's true, these situations can be difficult, the employee may even be difficult, the conversations can be awkward and it takes so much time and effort.  It all just seems so hard.
It doesn't have to be.

Positive Performance Management can:

* Clearly identify and communicate issues of conduct;

* Utilise strong, clear systems that enhance flow and progression of improvement

* Develop clear and empowering goals

* Enhance leadership and communication skills for all involved

* Reduce Employer risks

This short course explores the end-to-end processes associated with the performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition, you will learn the skills you need to drive a performance culture and proactively address issues of diminished performance.


If you're a team leader or manager responsible for the performance of individuals or teams.


You will have the skills and confidence to set performance standards and lead others to achieve them.


  • Develop KPIs that align with the organisation's goals
  • Build and support commitment within the team
  • Provide meaningful feedback and ensure performance meets KPIs
  • Recognise and address performance-related issues


T. 08 8946 6065

Thursday, 21st March 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm

Explore critical success factors in establishing credibility as a front line leader.  Discover and develop your unique leadership style.

You will be able to: 

* Apply leadership styles appropriate to a variety of situations

* Professionally facilitate communication & decision making

* Enhance your integrity & credibility

* Motivate & inspire others to achieve positive outcomes


This program is aligned to the following unit of competency from the business Services Training Package:
BSBMGT502 - Manage people performance.

It is aligned to the following unit of competency from the Public Sector Training Package:
PSPGOV519A - Manage Performance

Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Light Refreshments Provided.

A complimentary lunch is also provided.


Join us in the training rooms of the

Charles Darwin University - Alice Springs Campus
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs

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