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Assertive Techniques

Assertiveness Techniques

Charles Darwin University, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver short courses designed and owned by the Australian Institute of Management..

Do you have the essential tools to maintain composure in the face of difficulty?

Or do you find yourself regretting your knee-jerk reactions?

What difference can a positive and professional environment make to your working life?


If you do not allow yourself to be assertive, you are likely to feel stress levels or anxieties increase.  Finding the right balance of professionalism and maturity, you can have the confidence to ask for what you want, to express your rights.

By limiting your ability to be assertive, you are no longer able to confidently express your opinions and emotions. You'll find yourself being indecisive.  You won't be able to make decisions or deal with outcomes. Consequently, you'll find you'll be passed over.  People won't come to you for your opinion or entrust you with responsibility.

You might find yourself feeling restricted or powerless because of the behaviours of others. You'll be constantly pulled from one direction to the other, not being able to express your needs above those of others.

By equipping yourself with tools to be more assertive, you will improve communications and feel a greater level of success.

Assertive & Confident

Improve your confidence and professionalism with personal assertiveness strategies.

How do you know when to react or when to respond? Do you know the difference?  And what is the difference between Assertiveness, Passive Aggressions and being too direct?  Are you confident that you are responding in the most effective manner?  Identifying and understanding different types of situations, will enable you to respond positively,  professionally and with confidence.  You will be able to manage situations that may have previously been difficult or troublesome and you'll instantly  improve your working environment. Your new methods of communication and personal connection, will set you on the path to becoming a positive role model.

Wednesday,12th June 2019
Thursday, 13th June 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm

This course will provide you with personal insight into the ways in which you respond to different people, situations and events. With a strong focus on communication and behaviour, it gives you tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses and express your views and plans.


If you want to become more assertive, better understand your own and the behaviour of others and communicate more effectively.


You'll have the confidence to express your ideas, opinions, wants and needs while building more productive workplace relationships.


  • Recognise, monitor and control your behaviour
  • Identify when, why and how to respond assertively
  • Demonstrate your assertive rights
  • Openly express how you feel


T. 08 8946 6065

Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Light Refreshments Provided.

A complimentary lunch is also provided.


Join us in the training rooms of the

Charles Darwin University - Alice Springs Campus
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs

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