5 Ways for More Effective Communication & Less Stress

A lack of communication can increase stress and reduce efficiency and productivity. We can become frustrated that people are not understanding us or that conversations are not evolving the way they should. This makes all involved unproductive and this breakdown … Read more


Where you Put Your Energy Affects Your Professional Relationships

Above or Below the Line Have you heard of 'Above or Below the Line'? If you've ever been coached or mentored before you, may have come across these ideas. Take this as an opportunity for you to revisit those ideas. … Read more


Transform Workplace Conflict into an opportunity

How to Transform Workplace Conflict into an Opportunity.

Not being equipped to resolve conflict can cause stress and anxiety.  Not only for yourself but for the people you lead or influence.  Continual conflict can impact on team morale.  You will find the workmanship, quality, processes, communication and productivity … Read more


Why Good Time Management Required you to Be Assertive

Why Good Time Management Requires You to Be Assertive

It might not seem relevant, but being assertive is a key ingredient to you managing your time effectively. Being passive can equate to inactivity, non-engagement or procrastination. Yet, if you lack skill in the fine art of assertiveness, you can … Read more


Stop Feeling Frustrated.

How to Stop Feeling Frustrated.

Resentment When we are criticised, particularly at work, our first reaction is to be defensive, yet the only way we can grow or improve is to evaluate the criticism.  You can take the criticism as a lesson for improvement, perhaps … Read more


So what is the Pomodoros Technique?

If you know anything about Italian language, you’re probably wondering how the ‘tomato’ technique could possibly enhance your time management skills. The Pomodoros technique has less to do with tomatoes and more to do with strategies for lengthy tasks that … Read more