3 Shortcuts to Building a Strong Team

These days everyone is busy! Regardless of who we are and how much we need to accomplish, we all have just 24 hours each day. Deduct the hours we need for sleep and it doesn’t leave us much time to … Read more


Quieten That Busy Mind

Brain Noise & Multitasking I recently watched a performance of Queen performing live at Live Aid: Wembley London, 1985. Freddie Mercury had the audience in the palm of his hand. He had the attention of everyone in that audience. It … Read more


Using Web Conferencing To Boost Corporate Efficiency

Web conferencing is long hailed as the solution for remote companies, with a record 96% of managers believing video calls are vital to cutting across cultural barriers to promote corporate productivity.   For companies based in Australia, video calls are … Read more


3 Stress Traps Caused by Working Remotely

There are many ways that we can be working remotely.  It could be working in a remote community, like an Aboriginal Community or on a station or a farm, or even your own small business in which you are working … Read more


If you’re having a shitty day….

If you’re having a shit day, this blogs for you. Warning this blog will use swear words because I’m going to tell it like it is. Have you ever had those days where you just feel like shit? You might … Read more


3 Secret Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience

There are some fascinating secrets about resilience that people are not aware of that are actually backed by science. Recently, I attended a workshop in Alice Springs for women focused on Women in Leadership. The speaker was from Darwin and … Read more


Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with Negativity With One Simple Phrase

Many people come to me for stress management coaching when they find themselves in a new environment, they're in a new role of leadership or new management, they may even be a new parent or have a new job.  Yet … Read more


Google Drive Hacks to Make Life Easier.

Spreadsheets, word documents, presentations: They’re all a fact of life at the office. What has changed, however, is the work process and flow associated with those common work requirements. Used to be that people stored a copy of a document … Read more


How Leadership Impacts Disengaged Employees

Companies that have leaders who are effective communicators improve productivity in disengaged employees, resulting in 47% higher total returns.   A study by Gallup highlighted that the majority of Australian employees feel disengaged in the workplace. Good leadership is often … Read more


7 Life-saving Tips for Surviving a Performance Management Meeting

If you've ever found yourself being called into a performance management meeting, you know the anxiety that you can experience. That feeling that you're going to be criticized and reprimanded, and pulled to pieces for the quality of your work. … Read more