3 Secret Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience

There are some fascinating secrets about resilience that people are not aware of that are actually backed by science. Recently, I attended a workshop in Alice Springs for women focused on Women in Leadership. The speaker was from Darwin and … Read more


Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with Negativity With One Simple Phrase

Many people come to me for stress management coaching when they find themselves in a new environment, they're in a new role of leadership or new management, they may even be a new parent or have a new job.  Yet … Read more


Google Drive Hacks to Make Life Easier.

Spreadsheets, word documents, presentations: They’re all a fact of life at the office. What has changed, however, is the work process and flow associated with those common work requirements. Used to be that people stored a copy of a document … Read more


How Leadership Impacts Disengaged Employees

Companies that have leaders who are effective communicators improve productivity in disengaged employees, resulting in 47% higher total returns.   A study by Gallup highlighted that the majority of Australian employees feel disengaged in the workplace. Good leadership is often … Read more


7 Life-saving Tips for Surviving a Performance Management Meeting

If you've ever found yourself being called into a performance management meeting, you know the anxiety that you can experience. That feeling that you're going to be criticized and reprimanded, and pulled to pieces for the quality of your work. … Read more


The Power of One, The Courage of Few

How would it feel to move 78,000 people? To feel inspired to be authentic, even if it’s a little confronting. To make an impact like that, you need to not only let go of fear but judgement as well. Photo … Read more


Definition of Success

What does success mean to you?

What is your definition of success? The interesting thing about success is, it is something that we always aspire to but rarely acknowledge it when we achieve it. Click To Tweet Shawn Anchor, in his highly successful Ted Talk, says we have … Read more


4 Solutions to a Stressful Christmas Season

 Now that Christmas is over for another year. I have time to reflect. We know that Christmas can be a depressing time for people. They may be alone or missing people they have lost in the year. I have come … Read more


7 Surprising Ways to Improve Productivity by @araesininthesun

Contribution from guest blogger, Rae Steinbach.


Cut Time, Not Users: Fast Accessibility

Cut Time, Not Users: Fast Accessibility A 2015 study showed that 76% of Australians are busy, so much so that they don't even have time to grab a bite to eat. As a nation, we've simply got too much on - … Read more