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Conserve Your Energy

It is often after a holiday period we feel refreshed and restful, energized, and ready to kick into action with newfound enthusiasm, motivation and goals. We might feel pumped, full of aspirations, full of energy. So how do you conserve … Read more


If you don’t have a problem, your business won’t grow

When I run training events, workshops or deliver coaching to people, and have a really good experience, I feel really good about it.  Do you feel that way? You feel really pumped, you think to yourself, "that was awesome, that … Read more


Thank you

Why We Need to Say Thank You

A subtle, but very important tool in business is saying “Thank You”. Don’t underestimate the power of showing your appreciation and what it can do in terms of marketing and promotion. Saying Thank You can build: Rapport Trust Stronger Relationships. … Read more