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So what is the Pomodoros Technique?

If you know anything about Italian language, you’re probably wondering how the ‘tomato’ technique could possibly enhance your time management skills. The Pomodoros technique has less to do with tomatoes and more to do with strategies for lengthy tasks that … Read more


6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

Brian Tracey is a great advocate of effective Time Management.  Here is one of his great little video gems.   In summary, you’ll learn why you should: 1. Prepare in Advance. 2. Schedule Your Time. 3. Start Early. 4. Improve your … Read more


Why Multi-Tasking is bad for you

Effective time management is so important in today’s hectic modern society. People are constantly on the go dealing with so many different priorities all the time. Particularly with the dominance of smart phone technology, it can be difficult to ever really … Read more


Some Tips on How To Eliminate Procrastination

You probably  know this scenario well.  Are you like me? I sit down to work on a task.  I just need to get organised!  And suddenly I find a million other things that I need to do. Maybe its walking the dog in … Read more